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  LL.M. (Malaya), LL.B. (Hons) (London) Advocate & Solicitor, Malaya

Principal Practice Areas: Civil and commercial litigation & Dispute Resolution

Lee See Loon was called to the Malaysian Bar in 1996 and has been tearing through the courts since then. He is fast on his feet and known in the legal fraternity for his aggressive approach to litigation; See Loon has extensive experience in civil and commercial litigation and is not afraid to be very innovative and resourceful in the course of securing /protecting the client’s interests. During his decade in practice, See Loon has developed a core expertise in areas of insolvency, shareholder/partnership disputes, corporate minority protection, construction claims, torts, and injunctions.

See Loon is also a skilled negotiator, fully appreciating that any legal battle won outside out of the Courts translates to major cost savings for the client. His aggressive approach in court is tempered by a more compassioned side which allows him to ensure that the firm’s more sensitive matters are handled delicately, painlessly and quickly for the clients. See Loon manages the firm’s Civil and commercial litigation & Dispute Resolution practice and is fluent in multiple Chinese dialects.

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